Fake Radiation Leak In Brno!

In Life on January 23, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

That had to be the scariest thing I have heard in years.

Thousands of people in Brno were scared yesterday morning by warning sirens with automated voices that announced that there had been a radiation leak. The “talking siren” advised people to stay indoors and to watch television where they would receive instructions.

Emergency operators received hundreds of calls from people but the operators had to calm the callers down – it was a broken mechanism that caused the two or three sirens to go off… The sirens belong to the local gas distribution company, whereas the majority of those that had remained silent belong to the fire department…

That was a close one… Next time something really happens even more people will ignore the sirens, mistakenly thinking it is a false alarm or a drill again…

One Response to “Fake Radiation Leak In Brno!”

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