Suggest Your Own Sentence

In Law on January 25, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Justice Minister Jiri Pospisil would like to introduce and implement yet another novelty into the Czech penal code: defendants could suggest the length of their own sentence, the news server writes.

According to the minister the defendant could issue a declaration of their guilt and to suggest the sentence length and the amount of damages to be paid. However both the prosecutor and the court have to agree with the suggestion.

This instrument rules out the possibility of appeals because it is a voluntary settlement, the minister told the Pravo daily that owns the sever.

Sounds good to me. It will make the whole judicial system faster and easier, and given that it is always to the benefit of a guilty defendant to plead guilty and to tell the truth, we might begin to see a whole new dimension of justice here. However, the Shadow Justice Minister for Social Democrats Marie Benesova warns that:

Gotta be careful. What we don’t want is to have people starting to buy justice

However this should not be the case as this legal instrument will mostly, if not exclusively, be applied to less serious or unintentional crimes that are punishable by 8 years in prison at the most.

The same thing has been used in many European countries, the minister says, Slovakia being one of them.


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