God Wears Kevlar

In Politics, World on January 27, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

Yesterday I saw some CNN news story about two U.S. soldiers who tragically died in Iraq. There was some malpractice of some USMC officer involved.

The C.O. of the soldiers spoke at a press conference. He did not promise investigation, he did not promise professional assistance to the families of the victims, he did not promise anything that would help to prevent the occurrence of the same tragedy again.

All he said was something like Our prayers are with the families of the victims

Interesting… so when somebody in the USMC fucks up, they pray for the victims and their families? How is this going to help? Religion-oriented hypocrisy in a military conflict is one of the worst strategies the Bush administration can implement. Bush should make up his mind: he can either keep sending men and women to Iraq, have them killed and admit that there is no such thing as God because if PEOPLE don’t get stuff done, nobody does, OR he can pull the troops back home from Iraq and say that if something is God’s will, then God puts on a Kevlar and the whole Iraq issue can be settled without casualties….


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