Gordon Hinckley And His Sick Ideas

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LDS President Gordon Hinckley died a the age of 97, CNN reports.

It should be noted and applauded that the CNN obit reminded the viewers some horrifying things he said in a 2004 interview with Larry King:

“We are not anti-gay. We are pro-family, let me put it that way. We love these people and try to work with them and help them. We know they have a problem. We want to help them solve that problem.” [VIA CNN]

If all thirteen million LDS members around the world think that gays “have a problem” and that they need to get help with the problem, AND that they need to get help from such a church as LDS, then WE ALL have a problem.

I really don’t understand why LDS wouldn’t give up. Gays and lesbians do not want their help, they are perfectly happy with their sexual orientation. LDS want a perfect world and so by “helping” gays become heterosexuals they would help themselves.

Let’s go back to the quote: so if LDS are not anti-gay, why would they want to help gays? Sure, they are pro-family. Does it mean that they will soon start opressing young people who have sex before marriage? Hinckley had five children, so he must have had at least five orgasms in his life. Does that make him an expert in sex life and related issues? Hell no. His views are nothing but religion-driven. No relation to psychology, medicine and other pragmatic things…

UPDATE: here is what might be heard at a university, a place for sharing ideas, philosophies and thoughts [via]:

“We do not intend to admit to our campus any homosexuals. If any of you have this tendency and have not completely abandoned it, may I suggest that you leave the university immediately after this assembly…. We do not want others on this campus to be contaminated by your presence.” — Ernest Wilkinson, president of Brigham Young University, in a 1965 lecture to the BYU student body, titled:Make Honor your Standard.”

Sure, it was over 40 years ago, but still….And they named a building after this guy… 


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