Murphy’s Law Of Off-Duty Journalists

In Media, Personal on January 29, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

A couple of crazy things happened to me recently that can be briefly summarized under five new Murphy’s laws…Here goes… 

  • You buy a huge camera and you take it everywhere you go, just in case you witness  a World Press Photo situation. Of course you witness it the one time you leave the camera at home to take a walk with your girlfriend.
  • Most situations in which you have to flash your press ID during your day-off occur two minutes after you finish grocery shopping and you walk home with two heavy bags, wearing your jogging clothes.
  • When waiting for a person you want to briefly speak with they always take the other exit than the one you have been standing at for the last two hours because it is the exit the person usually takes.
  • Everytime you hesitate with some tough question at a press conference, there is always the last-question-please call seconds before you finally decide that the next call will be you.
  • As soon as you decided to stop dating journalists, you start meeting women who say they don’t care what is on the news and who only read weekend supplements of Saturday tabloid paper.

The last one is particularly troubling :)) 


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