Journalist Wire-Tapped. So He Says

In Media on February 1, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

My former colleague from Brnensky denik daily is frequently summoned by the police to testify because people (mostly third-class local politicians) sue him for his articles… For some reason the cops focus on him despite the fact that the complaints should be filed against the publisher and owner of the paper, pursuant to the Czech legislation.

The last article he has problems for was about a former communist secret police agent who is now doing pretty well in his real estate business

During the last testimony he managed to glance at his file and he saw a request form for court-approved “legal” wire-tapping

I have known him for about three years and he has NEVER cooked up a story, he did not do first-hand bias stories, he did not take bribes… and now he will probably have to start taking in code languages.

According to Reporters Sans Frontiers annual Press Freedom Index the Czech Republic is fourteenth on the list. That is not bad… but Slovakia is fourth, for crying out loud, and from what I saw and experienced it should be slightly below the Czech Republic…


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