It Is Official: I Hate Klaus

In Politics on February 4, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Chairmen of all five parliamentary parties have agreed in Sunday television debate that this year’s presidential elections, that are to take place on Friday, are the last ones in which the president is elected by the Parliament.

It is about time! This year’s negotiations among the five parties were ridiculous, unfair towards normal people and sometimes they resembled horse trading.

And in the atmosphere of the tough negotiations and promises of support, President Vaclav Klaus became even more conceited and arrogant and egoistical as ever before. He dictated the conditions under which he would attend TV debates, he refused to meet his opponent Jan Svejnar in a one-on-one public debate. His communication style of the last four weeks makes me think he does not care about the human aspect of the office. Now that the president is elected by the Parliament he does everything he wants to do to get re-elected and he spits his poison on all attempts from the opposition to do some “campaign”.

This is why Czechs hate politics. All that Klaus and his bootlickers have to do are some backroom dealings in the House (they are safe in the Senate). He would have nothing to lose in a more human and voter-oriented approach. But hell no, rather than “I have nothing to lose” approach he jumps for “I have nothing to gain from this”.

I honestly hope Klaus does not get re-elected. If it is true that this is the last time the lawmakers elect our president, it would be better for this country to have a “new” president for the term preceding the real direct vote. I am convinced that Klaus is not a direct-vote material. In most cases he disagrees with his opponents, he treats them like trash.


::UPDATE:: The president’s approval rating figures dropped by fourteen percent, compared with January 2007. It is at 58 percent now, whereas last year it was 72. Quite surprising for a Parliamentary republic/democracy… Or is it? 


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