A Bit Of Slovakia In Downtown Brno

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When I lived and worked in Bratislava, Slovakia, one of the things I enjoyed as a Czech guy was going to grocery stores, markets and other places like that where I would talk to clerks, cashiers, or waitresses. Simply because the Slovak language is beautiful and when spoken by 20-something girls (if they don’t look like the Osborne daughter) it is even more beautiful.

In downtown Brno there is a Billa grocery store. Two cashiers and one girl at the deli counter are Slovaks. There is something very interesting about a Slovak girl taking your order of 300 grams of chicken ham and some pizza pepperoni. You talk to her in Czech and she responds in Slovak. You perfectly understand each other and when you have your meat in your cart she says in a sweet voice: “Dovi” which is a short form of Good bye in Slovak.

Can’t imagine going to a store in San Diego and have the Mexican owner or cashier say Hasta la vista or Adios when you leave…

But it does work here…Gotta love it.


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