The Spring Break Irony

In Czechs on February 12, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , ,

All you American readers who have been to a Florida spring break, had fun, seen some exposed tits and drunk college chicks having sex in public, please show off hands…

Wow, that is some forest of hands we got here…

Compared to what you experienced the Czech “spring break” is dull and boring and stupid. The spring break in the Brno Region starts next Monday.

First of all, there are 14 administrative regions in the Czech Republic and spring break weeks are somehow distributed among them. And so, some regions have “spring break” this week. Middle of February, almost no snow, and no warm part of the country to go to. If not to get drunk and wasted, at least to swim and stare at the aforementioned exposed breasts of college girls.

Second, the level of independence in case of high school kids is not as high compared to Americans. The legal age to drive is 18. But then again, so is the legal age to drink. But where? Only pubs in your home town, or you gotta go abroad, if you feel that you have to have some change during your spring break.

Most parents do not want to waste five days from their paid vacation to stay home and watch their out-of-control kids. So the kids to get out of control.


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