Some Valentine’s Day Thinking

In Life on February 16, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

My friend M. does not celebrate Valentine’s Day for typical reasons: her boyfriend told her that HE does not celebrate it because he thinks this day is a Western-culture import the only purpose of which is to make people spend money. So they do not celebrate it and I am sure that among the also-typical types of defense mechanism are “Chocolate is fattening anyway” or “Flowers die in two days anyway”.

Gentlemen, that is not the damn point. If you never bring flowers to your girls and then you bring them a bouquet on February 14, thinking here is your romance and don’t you tell me I am not a romantic because I bring you flowers when I am expected to, screw you.

On February 14 love should be celebrated in a unique way. If you bring flowers regularly, take her on a balloon trip. Rent the whole restaurant and eat there alone. If she likes to read a newspaper, buy a whole-page ad that says “John loves Jane”, or something similar. Anything that says that you did do some thinking and that you didn’t solve the issue of Valentine’s Day in a Tesco store on the way home from work with half a dozen other men standing around, doing the same thinking…

I have never heard of a guy who would START celebrating Valentine’s Day under the influence of his (new) girlfriend, it is always the girl, who STOPS celebrating under the influence of her new boyfriend…

There is a semi-private list of three people [outside my family] to whom I would immediately give one of my kidneys if they needed a transplant. They are all women, the best friends I ever had, and one of them could ask for my heart for a transplant, if it was medically possible. If there is a small chance that the no-Valentine’s-day guys would feel the same about their girlfriends, why is this day such a huge obstacle for them?

Men should forget once for all that this day is some kind of a must, or obligation. Once they start thinking this way, there go the wedding anniversaries, name days


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