Prague Will Explain Street Names

In Life, Travel on February 20, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

About two hundred Prague streets will have special signs on street corners, explaining the name and/or after whom the street was named, news server writes. The main reason is the latter, to tell people something about the personality who deserved to have his or her street.

In case you are not familiar with Czech architecture, street name signs are attached to corner buildings and houses, not to poles at intersections, like it is usual in NYC or Berlin or elsewhere.

Plus we do not used the street numbering principle either, so all streets have to have “names”.

The idea doesn’t sound bad but in order to work it would have to be at least in three languages. Because, honestly, Czechs don’t care, or they don’t have time to stand in the middle of a sidewalk and read some name explanation. And if they are interested, they can wait until they get home and they can easily google the person…


One Response to “Prague Will Explain Street Names”

  1. It is not a bad idea. To know our ancestry better may help to rise Czech National self-confidence.

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