New Visa-Free Regime Approved

In Politics, World on February 26, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

The governments of the Czech Republic and USA signed a memorandum on a new visa-free regime that should most definitely become effective as of this fall. There will be no visa, but people who want to travel to the States will need to fill out a questionnaire. They shall wait a few days from an e-mail from the embassy that they were granted entry. Or not.

So, it is not really the real visa-free regime, like the one that Germans or Slovenians have. Traveling to the States is going to get 2,300 CZK cheaper, as there will be no fee for the “visa sticker”.

Germans can wake up any morning, buy a ticket and fly across the Atlantic. This is not the case of the new regime for Czechs.

But it is a giant step, gotta say.

But like I said in a previous post, the government of the United States should have approved the complete visa-free regime. There is no risk involved in relation to illegal workers….


3 Responses to “New Visa-Free Regime Approved”

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  2. my girl crazy, man!

  3. The above info on the new “internet approval” for Czech citizens (and six other countries) is only partially true. The same “internet” system will be gradually implemented for all countries under the current visa-waiver program. So even Germans, Brits etc. will have to register online and have their trip approved by the US government prior any travel.

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