Czech Soldier Blogs From Iraq

In World on February 27, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Czech soldier named Martin Palik who is from my home town of Olomouc [or he might be stationed there, maybe I didn’t catch it right] blogs from Iraq where he is with the Fourth Contingent of the Czech Army within the Multinational Forces.

Really interesting stuff if you can read Czech. He talks about missile attacks, sirens at six a.m. when the soldiers have to roll from their beds onto their Kevlar vests that are prepared on the floor, chow halls

You have to understand the military involvement of Czech armed forces is not a big deal if compared to bigger countries or “world powers” but it IS a big deal, considering the size of the armed forces and the relatively short history of Czech freedom… One would think that after the experience with the Soviet invasion of the former Czechoslovakia the Czech governments would not seek any military involvement abroad. But no–

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