Thousands Of Americans Are Here Illegally

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Thousands of Americans are staying illegally in the Czech Republic. It is because of the new Schengen rules, the news server wrote on Monday.

There you have it. The fact that you do not know the law should not excuse you, a certain Czech saying says (it is rather poetic but the translation messes it up, so I won’t bother). Technically, the immigration police COULD start sending and deporting them home. The U.S. authorities that are run by DHS would do the same. Even with harmless Czechs who work in freeway diners, washing dishes. But then– who would do it, now that dollar costs 16 CZK…

Before the Czech Republic joined Schengen all that foreigners had to do was go to Germany for one day. On their way back their three-month visa-free stay could start all over.

But that is not the only problem, the news server discovered.

I bet, so did the foreigners but I guess they are just playing hide and seek and wait to see what happens… 

There is a new rule now: if they do not have permanent resident status, they are only allowed to stay three months out of six. So going across the Schengen border and coming back is no good anymore.

I still work, I still get paid, I still keep my apartment, I don’t need much from the system so I can live here and who cares, says my friend from New Hampshire who lives in Prague. Indeed. So tell me again, why do guys from INS hunt immigrants all over the States?

Czech authorities do have a tip for the Americans who are willing to solve the strange situation. They should ask for visa in advance because there can be a few-month waiting period during which the visa is processed. So if they know they are coming to work in the Czech Republic they should act ASAP. Those who already live here will probably have to live and work here illegally for some time.

Good luck there… I believe there are some laws that might contradict one another in certain situations. Let’s say you are a foreigner who works in the Czech Republic. You pay taxes. And you pay taxes even when you become illegal alien. You get injured. BUT HEY– all of a sudden your health insurance does not apply. Because illegal aliens shall pay their medical expenses in cash.

Let’s just add that the new policy is not limited to U.S. citizens….

5 Responses to “Thousands Of Americans Are Here Illegally”

  1. they treat their illegals so harshly, you should do the same back

    it’s a harsh world

  2. I agree that the rules should be followed. However, as the saying goes..”be careful what you wish for…”.

  3. […] Czech Daily Word reports on the “thousands of Americans” who “are staying illegally in the Czech […]

  4. I am of course sorry for the few Americans who will genuinely get into trouble (just as it happened many times in the Nethelrands). But let’s face it, it is called reciprocity. The USA are twisting the arms of European countries with ridiculous demand to answer just to be able to travel to the USA for a week. The US government is using bilateral pressure to force countries such as the Czech Republic to negotiate outside of the EU frame (which is barely legal). I believe Shengen countries should apply reciprocity to US citizens coming here, especially officials. Just so they get a bit of their own medicine for a while. Again, nothing personal, but there should be some justice sometimes: if you are African and want to work 6 months in the Shengen area, it is nearly impossible to get a visa. If you are American (especially a white one), it is a piece of cake, barely a formality. Where is justice?

  5. I’m a Peruvian lawyer who would love to visit Prague, that beautiful city of yours, and the famous bridges. Maybe some day I’d be able to fulfill my dream and get to know Prague.
    It’s regretable for those Americans who’d love to visit Prague. But I agree with other comments: give them back some of their own medicine.
    All the best from Lima!

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