The Reason I Hate Czech Ice Hockey

In Sports on March 9, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

Czech ice hockey is the most un-watchable sport you can see in the Czech Republic. If you are an NHL fan, stay away from Czech hockey arenas. The players’ uniforms are covered with sponsor endorsements and logos and so is the ice, for crying out loud.

You can hardly see the puck.

And some of the TEAMS are named after their biggest sponsor!

You gotta be kidding me! How can you be a proud fan of a team that is named after a door and window manufacturer???

Yep, that is the Czech hockey.

Some deeper analysis and comparison with NHL on Saturday…

Here is the list of Czech first league ice hockey teams. The boldface means the main sponsor they are named after:

Bili tygri Liberec
HC Energie Karlovy Vary
HC Geus okna Kladno [window manufacturer]
HC Lasselsberger Plzen [building and construction material producer]
HC Litvinov
HC Moeller Pardubice [electrical device and technology manufacturer]
HC Mountfield Ceske Budejovice [garden technology and machinery manufacturer]
HC Ocelari Trinec
HC Slavia Praha
HC Slovan Ustecti lvi
HC Sparta Praha
HC Vitkovice Steel [steel producer, welding, forging and related production]
HC Znojemsti orli
RI Okna Zlin [window manufacturer]

It is laugh-out-loud ridiculous!! Where the pride, where is the team tradition? Oh, I know, to tell with that when our main sponsor gives us ten million per season and one of the things the company wants in return is its name incorporated in the team name.

So next time a company named Smith and Sons Taxidermy and Pet Cemetery comes and offers twenty million to a team, let’s rename ourselves, guys. What’s in a name, anyway… Who cares the crowds can’t even see the puck on the ice because of all the ads. And who cares the players’ uniforms look like Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Money talks.

But have you ever seen the main owner, or sponsor, of a NHL team rename it so that the name of the company is incorporated in the name of the team? Like, let’s say, Chicago General Electric Blackhawks? No…


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