CIA Torture Flights – Via Bratislava?

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The secret CIA flights that transport prisoners land at Bratislava International Airport, Slovak JOJ TV news report says [info via Bleskovky news server]. A white Boeing 767 with no livery whatsoever is parked on the apron and only one person is allowed to access it, and the person is American.

According to publicly accessible aircraft databases the aircraft has a U.S. registration [begins with an N] but the company that owns it claims on its website that it only provides domestic flights.

Something is very rotten here…

The Slovak Intelligence Service refused to comment on whether the airport is used for transporting the so-called terrorists to places that are not so excited about human rights violation, and where CIA might torture them as “necessary”.

That is strange. Back when I lived in Slovakia and worked for Slovak Radio [2003-2005] I remember that SIS often commented on such sensitive issues, e.g. the kidnapping of the president’s son. The agency would often comment on its involvement, as it would comment on international relations and cooperation issues. The current silence means something… 

I think one of the ways to prevent CIA from using European international airports is to have a rule according to which ALL aircraft would have to register and these registers would have to be public. AND:: the authorities (immigration, police,…) shall have the right to inspect all planes that do not arrive as scheduled flights after all passengers are claimed to have disembarked… You never know, there might be a terrorist on board… Or a crooked CIA agent…

These two guys conducted an extensive research of the torture flights and they were able to dig up former CIA employees behind newly established charter companies that fly out of rural airports with no border clearance. I think a little research in the history of the 767 that is sitting on the Bratislava apron might bring some results…

On a related note, the Czech flag carrier [Czech Airlines] is blocking internet access to news server because the employees had been posting and chatting about internal issues quite a lot. Some idiot must have decided that… if you want to chat about your employer and about the conditions at the airport, you can do at at ten p.m. from home and nobody is going to stop you… So why bother? 

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