A Man In Thong And An Old Lady

In Life on March 11, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

I went to a wellness center yesterday. It is located in a certain Brno hotel and it includes a pool, a steam room and a sauna. The steam room and the sauna are for both sexes and visitors are supposed to be naked. Well, wrapped in towels.

There was a young couple, around 25 years of age and obviously very modern people. You could tell because they both looked they were in excellent shape and they did not have a single hair from their necks down.

And the man was wearing a thong in the pool. I have no problem with that. Live and let live, it’s his business and a thong is a regular swimsuit.

But some sixty-something overweight one-leg-on-morgue-table lady felt the need to comment very loudly about the man’s taste, or lack thereof, and she said something about fags who should keep their half naked butts to themselves and stop showing them off in public.

That is like saying that old ugly women should never go to pools because they should not show off their ugly fat bodies, too. And do you hear us saying it? No. So shut up. The guy did not say it. I did.

My head is going to fall off from shaking, my female companion said.


2 Responses to “A Man In Thong And An Old Lady”

  1. Ha, ha… very well done, very well said!

  2. I want to buy a man pant thong for me and
    fing one for my 9 yr old son

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