Czech Republic More Expensive Than Austria, Germany

In Economy on March 12, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Not so long ago people from Germany or Austria used to come to the Czech Republic because things were much cheaper here. And I mean “things” that are guaranteed to be of the same quality here and in their home countries.

But strange thing happened since… Bruno Banani or Olaf Benz underwear is almost 50 percent more expensive in this Czech online store than on Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna.

And Czech-made Pilsner Urquel beer is cheaper in Germany, if you buy a whole 20-pack.

Ah, economy rules…

You can buy practically any luxurious brand in Prague, or in Brno, to a lesser extent. But the rent the stores pay in the heart of the city is reflected in the prices greatly. I would say much more than, say, in case of stores in downtown Vienna.


2 Responses to “Czech Republic More Expensive Than Austria, Germany”

  1. In fairness, I should say that if you are a guy who demands quality when it comes to underwear, you have to “pay the price”.

  2. hey,

    I live in australia, and planning to stay in prague for a couple of months. Is it expensive to live there? how much is accomodation, food, travel etc?


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