Miss Czech Republic Crowned Saturday

In Life on March 17, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Here are three most beautiful Czech girls 🙂 At least according to the results of the beauty pageant that took place here in Brno on Saturday. The winner (in the middle) sure is will-you-marry-me beautiful…

There are three things that I generally hate about the Miss Czech Republic pageants:

1.) One-style-for-all: the dresses and gowns that the contestants wear “on the show” are always from one designer. This year it was Josef Klir. I honestly don’t think that dark green combined with all shades of black suit to all girls. There were unique exceptions, but generally this does not make sense.

2.) Swimsuit styles: I know it is probably just a guy thing but it is time the pageant switched from cup-style swimsuit bras to triangles. The cups deform the body and when there is the swimsuit “competition” and the host calls out the bust-waist-hips numbers, one always goes “no way she is 90” (in the Czech Republic the numbers are in centimeters).

3.) The host of the program, actor Jan Censky: his affectionate speech and the tone of his voice is terrible and makes me wanna strangle him. The style of the narration is supposed to show amazement how beautiful and extraordinary the girls are, but the way he suddenly changes the “volume”, “sweetness” and other attributes is just yell-out-loud ridiculous…  


3 Responses to “Miss Czech Republic Crowned Saturday”

  1. From the point of view of an American woman, I think those girls are prettier than American girls. I like that they don’t paint on the make-up, like American girls. Their eye makeup isn’t so black mascara and black eyeliner that all anyone can see is the makeup and whites of the eyes.
    I can’t agree or disagree with your three points, since I do not watch any beauty contests of any country. I think it is kinda cool that they do mention bust-waist-hip ratios. Although, curious, is it positive if the girls have much larger hips than waist or negative?
    Perhaps it is an American thing for women to pick apart at other women?

  2. […] Czech Daily Word reviews the Miss Czech Republic beauty pageant. Share […]


    The “ideal measurements” in centimeters are 90-60-90 and any deviation thereof is subject to some comments. So a girl whose bust size is 82 has a smaller chance to win. The unspoken theory is that “the girls should have SOME WAIST”, meaning it has to be noticeable, so the 60-90 difference is okay. :)) This year, however, there was one girl whose hip size was 98. Again, centimeters.

    Here is a cool photo gallery with some video presentation

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