Cunt, She Said. But She Didn’t Mean It

In Language on March 18, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Once upon a time there were two girls. Around seventeen years old, latest fashion killer outfits. They sat on a bench in the park that I like to stroll through with my camera because you can occasionally see squirrels jumping on the sidewalks…

That concert sucked big time, you cunt. I left after one hour… one of the girls said.

Come again?

Yes. Teen Czechs have a very strange way of using those “contact words” that don’t mean anything in a particular sentence, they are just there to express the speaker’s emotional condition.

If you ask for analogies, it is like saying Oh, man…. Especially African American men are known for overusing this phrase. But- while man is fairly innocent, the Czech analogy is vulgar and usually frowned upon… At least by normal people…

As for the aforementioned cunts, the vocative singular of which in Czech is “pico”, of course guys say it way more often. There are some individuals who can say it twice in one sentence. It really does not mean anything, the only reason they do it is to establish and maintain contact. To be exact, the real reason they use it is that they are low-IQ primitives whose social contacts shape them in this way. Students with bad grades who study at easy schools that do not require a great level of intellect.

Language experts claim these kids no longer even realize they use this word. It became an inherent part of their thinking and they use it just like they often use garbage words like well, so, you know….

I swear, if I ever hear my teenage daughter say this word, I am gonna ground her until she forgets to speak Czech  and learns Mandarin Chinese instead…


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