Czech Soldier Killed In Afghanistan

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A member of Delta-Force-style Czech Army unit was killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan. Two other soldiers were wounded, the Czech Defense Minister Vlasta Parkanova [yes, we have a female Defense Minister] said yesterday. Accoring to the ministry’s statistics this is the first combat-related death of a Czech soldiers since 1945 [see table below].

The ministry refused to provide personal details, citing the rules related to the operations of special forces.

These rules suck big time, General. The soldiers have thousands of friends, relatives and loved ones. And all these people are now worried sick. Was it him? How come he does not call to say it was NOT him? What difference does it make? The victim is dead, so the ministry might as well say he was, let’s say, 38 and had two kids. Sure, some people would be immediately even more worried, but thousands would go Wheeeew.

“Luckily” Nova TV has sources according to which the victim was 35 and had a wife. So all girlfriends of single guys could go to bed knowing that it was “not him”.

However, it is worth noticing that Czech soldiers have been dying on foreign missions mostly due to unfortunate events and accidents [Italics denote one exception]:

1991 – Saudi Arabia – gun wound during manipulation with a gun
1994 – Croatia – car accident
1995 – Croatia – armored vehicle accident
1995 – Croatia – sniper shooting – 2 soldiers killed
1998 – Bosnia – helicopter crash – three casualties
2001 – Bosnia – ammunition liquidation
2002 – Kosovo – armored vehicle accident
2003 – Iraq – car accident
2006 – Kosovo -suicide
2007 – Afghanistan – mud and landslide

I know what U.S. readers of this blog might say: It is nothing compared to the body count that we have. Or the Iraq civilian victim bodycount. True, true, true…


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