Kids For Five Hundred, Iraqis Said

In Politics, World on March 20, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

::UPDATED on MARCH 21 – see underneath the photos::
Several people from Iraq attended an event that took place in downtown Brno on Thursday afternoon. Two women and two men talked about life in their home country. Among the information that people could hear was that there were some cases of human trafficking when children could be for sale for five hundred dollars. There were plainclothes cops in the crowd taking pictures, as the event was organized by the Ne zakladnam organization that protests against the construction of U.S. missile defense base…


Apparently, the spokesman for the Ne zakladnam initiative is big fan of Hezbollah, news server wrote. Maybe [I admit I am not an expert in Middle East] this is one of the reasons the plainclothes cops were there. Second photo, the guy on the left with red cap, hat and red shoes. Definitely a cop. A fellow photographer who was there pointed out three more…


4 Responses to “Kids For Five Hundred, Iraqis Said”

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  2. I don’t know about Europe, but any demonstration I’ve ever seen in North America there’s always a cop or two around, even if there’s like 30 people there nomatter what the subject is, sweatshop labour or politics or student issues or whatever.

  3. There was one just-in-case uniformed cop there. The three plainclothes guys were there to watch and observe :)) I am sure the demonstrations that you attended were closely monitored by law enforcement people holding popsicles… and pretending to be average people on their afternoon walk…

  4. Yeah, you’re probably right.

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