One More Argument Against OG In China

In Sports, World on March 24, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

Several Czech politicians have expressed their decision not to take part at anything that is related to the Olympic Games that are to take place in China this year. Among them was the Mayor of Prague Pavel Bem whose arguments are Tibet-related. Mayor Bem climbed Mount Everest a while ago.

The Chinese have recently offered one more argument against going, or watching: organized crowd participation. Czech Television aired a story on people who organize/attend special seminars and workshops in which they teach/learn to yell, cheer, chant and wave their huge foam fingers.

This is the most ridiculous thing which once again proves a certain degree of sheep mentality. I am very doubtful as to whether the atmosphere the Olympic Games in China are going to offer is going to be authentic. Almost for sure: the answer is “no”.

Communist regimes “are very good at” organized waving and cheering.Their parades and First of May celebrations that used to take place in big cities of the former Communist Bloc [yep, which is to inlude Prague] were scary and often involved tanks and armored vehicles on display. It is a sad thing that the Chinese government [or whoever organizes this] feels that people who come to watch athletes shall be subject to some discipline training beforehand.

When the winter Games took place in Norway, the conditions were top-notch and the Norwegians only showed the world what they already had to offer and who they already were. Which is why they had been awarded the Games in the first place. They did not have to prepare mentally, or ideologically. Neither did the French with Albertville. And neither did the people of the beautiful Spain with their Barcelona Olympic Games. 

During the recent Academy Awards ceremony Jon Stewart made an excellent remark: Does this country need a hug? It is a very appropriate question in relation to the Games in China, except that the quote would go Does this world need a hug. No question that they will help the Chinese regime more than they will hug the world. No matter how successful they will be, or no matter what happens during them, they will become the biggest political issue since 1980. And if there was even a tiny reason to boycott Moscow in 1980, the reason to boycott China is ten times bigger… 


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