New Zealander Kidnapped His Czech Daughter

In Czechs, Law on March 25, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

cowie.jpgThe Czech police and the Interpol are looking for Rodney William Cowie, 38-year old citizen of New Zealand. They fear he abducted/kidnapped his daughter he has with his Czech ex-wife, the authorities said. Police spokeswoman confirmed the police are considering the possibility that the man might have crossed the border already.

As the Czech Republic is a Schengen member now, they might be in Italy by now. Cowie picked up his daugher on Saturday morning, claiming they would be back later that night. He has not called since and his cell phone has been switched off. According to the girl’s mother Cowie had suggested program for the two of them that she did not agree with.

Cowie lives in Australia — so if by any chance there are any readers from these two countries who might have some information on this gentleman and his whereabouts, please call the nearest Interpol branch….

Kidnappings are for sure one of the most serious crimes that occur between divorced partners who do not reach amicable solution as far as the custody of their kids is concerned. BUT– I should also say that many Czech women are plain stupid when they marry a foreigner. They often fail to consider thousands of those little things that are involved, but they are amazed by the qualities that the particular foreigner has. As a journalist I have heard of numerous cases when courts had to decide where the kid will live after divorce. A Czech woman literally fought with her Portuguese husband in front of a court building over their daughter. I must admit I did not feel sorry for her at all…

You pick your life partner and as soon as trouble in paradise occur you have to deal with them… and with the consequences. If you have a Czech husband, it is easier. If you think the love of your life comes from an altogether different culture, you must expect worse consequences…

Cowie and his wife probably had a strict custody schedule and he probably failed to stick to it. But, to be honest, so far it does not qualify as kidnapping in the real terms of the penal code… Maybe she went with him and she did not protest…

::UPDATE:: According to the Czech police the girl does not have a passport of her own and Cowie does not have data on her in HIS passport which means they should not leave Schengen… But I am sure there are fake passports for sale in Italy the country they might be in now my sincere apologies to Italy and Italian readers – it was just an example….

::UPDATE 2:: This Australian news server claims Cowie is Dutch… who lives in Australia.

NOTE: Czech News Agency owns the rights to the photo.
Used under the fair-use principle here.


7 Responses to “New Zealander Kidnapped His Czech Daughter”

  1. What’s your problem with Italy? You make it sound like it’s only purpose on the planet is to be a destination for kidnapped children or a place to buy fake passports.

  2. You are absolutely right, the wording of the paragraph was a little unfortunate. So I made slight changes. But to explain this: the direction they were said to be heading suggested they travelled to Germany and Italy. There is no big international aiport in Germany Austria from which one could fly to Australia. So the next place to go could be Italy…

    Anyways, my sincere apologies to Italy and Italian readers!!

  3. “There is no big international aiport in Germany Austria from which one could fly to Australia.”

    Well, there’s a small regional airport called Frankfurt am Main… 😉

  4. But that is NOT in the direction they were heading as they were leaving the country…

  5. he’s my neighbour
    saw him yesterday in balgowlah, sydney
    richard 🙂

  6. nurrenburg has flights to australia as dose frankfert Mr Cowie has had much travel experiance is an young man & at a guess he would have knowen of several other smaller airports that he could have used.
    why did he choose australia knowing that it was a hague signatry? shorly there are safe havens that he would have knowen of

  7. richard if you out there need to contact rod please help

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