Man From NZ And His Czech Daughter Are In Australia

In Law, World on March 26, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

cowie.jpgNew Zealander Rodney William Cowie and his Czech daughter whom he reportedly kidnapped from the Czech Republic arrived in Australia on Monday, authorities confirmed.

The girl did not have her own passport and Cowie did not have her listed in his, so the mystery is how the girl managed to leave unnoticed…

The case is under investigation as a possible case of child abduction [see two posts below]. The parents were probably taking turns in the custody of the daughter, or to be exact Cowie was a weekend father and it was his turn to do stuff with the daughter this past weekend. He did not return the girl when he was supposed to.

::UPDATE:: The Czech Republic and Australia have concluded a special agreement a while ago according to which extradition processes take place and in case of child abduction the child might be sent back without the necessity for a court decision… which means the mother is sort of lucky because she could have married a man from a altogether different culture where things that can end up in a huge legal battle are perfectly legal and valid. Four words: Not Without My Daughter.



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