Paris Hilton Is Coming To Prague

In People on March 26, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Paris Hilton is coming to Prague this Sunday. Her boyfriend who is a band member of Good Charlotte has a gig here.

Have your cameras ready.

Czechs are the same as just any nation when it comes to once-in-a-lifetime chances to see celebrities. But– Paris is no big deal around here, specially since the Czech beauty principle differs [a lot] from the body and anatomy that this girl possesses. Professional party girls are often targets of secret laughter from people around, as some degree of sophisticated male hunting is always appreciated around here. Czech porn lovers might have seen Paris’ videos but I am sure a quick survey would say that simple nude scenes of Czech actresses would attract more attention. Especially since nudity and nakedness is no big deal around here, whereas many U.S. teenagers are raised in an atmosphere of “do not touch yourself” and “nudity is a sin”… I am quite positive there is a connection…

Anyways, hiya, Paris…


3 Responses to “Paris Hilton Is Coming To Prague”

  1. i dont know where you see so many hot czech girls, i have lived here for 3 years and paris is hotter than any czech i’ve ever seen

  2. There is a slight difference, I guess: Paris is a sort of an icon, she works hard on her image. So that is what makes her beautiful in this regard. Czech girls that I find hot are not in a different way. Hard to explain, though. I would have to stand in front of high schools and take picture of 19 year-old seniors and display the photos here to illustrate it… Tough task, I am afraid…

  3. […] Via Czech Daily […]

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