Fake Dynamite Found All Over Brno

In Czechs, Law, Life on March 27, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

Fake dynamite bundles equipped with just-as-fake slow matches were found all over Brno today. Emergency operators have received dozens of calls from people who claim they have seen “a bomb” hanging from rotating clocks that can be found on street corners and other busy places.

It is some advertising stunt, police patrols have inspected every single item that they were told about. But there is nothing they could do, police spokesman said.

The person or company who ordered and paid for this advertising stunt must be out of his fucking mind. Or he is mentally sick. What kind of a person would pick a lethal object to promote their products? Especially when it is a lethal object that has nothing to do with the product category he sells?

::UPDATE:: I get it now. The website of the company that is behind it says We are glad that we caught the attention of people and the media. Too bad newspapers had written about the campaign before they saw the full picture. The bomb and the wires are supposed to be symbolical and they are supposed to say We cut the right wire (i.e. the right time for the right decisions)

— Well, this kind of symbolism would not make me buy dandruff shampoo, let alone the services of this company. 


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