Top Ten List Of Things Paris Hilton Will Say In Prague

In People on March 27, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Paris Hilton will come to Prague on Sunday, as she is accompanying her musician boyfriend who has a gig here… I bet these are things she will surely say…

10. I heard Czechs don’t like spring in Prague. Why? It’s kinda nice.
9. No, you can not pay me with two kilos of Prague ham to attend your party.
8. I told the cab driver at the airport: If you don’t rip me off, you will get a sweet reward…
7. That CNN crew has been on my butt ever since I left prison.
6. Your president had two lovers? Both blondes? Good to know…
5. What I knew about your country before I came here? You call it beaver, too.
4. How much for the castle up there?
3. The girl who dubbed me in One Night In Paris has a weird voice.
2. Two hotels named “Paris” and “Hilton” in one town. How cool is that?
1. How do you say nipple slip in Czech?


One Response to “Top Ten List Of Things Paris Hilton Will Say In Prague”

  1. Ha ha! Especially point 1 and 6 are hilarious xD

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