Ryanair London Flight Firefighter Assitance

In Breaking News, Brno on March 28, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Firefighters at Brno Airport interestingly close to Ryanair Boeing 737-800 departing for London Stansted. The vehicle came under blue lights but no siren and then just parked and observed. People kept disembarking and boarding normally. I think I have been to thirteen airports as a passenger [let’s see now: PRG, JFK, LGA, CVG, ORD, SLC, ATL, LHR, VIE, BCN, LPA, TFS, BRQ] and I have never seen firefighters assisting while a plane is refueling. Reportedly that is what was happening….


3 Responses to “Ryanair London Flight Firefighter Assitance”

  1. This is standard practice at many airports when fuelling while boarding passengers. It is a safety precaution. The fire truck is positioned with a clear view of the right wing where the refuelling panel is located.

  2. Alright, I will remember it now… next time I see it I should not be surprised…

  3. …and about that flashing blue light – I thing all vehicles operating on airport must have some flashing light turned on. In case of firefighters it can be also blue one. Other cars are usually equiped with removable yellow flashing light (as visible on small car in the picture). It’s also for safety reason…

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