We Will Destroy The Stadium, Fans Announced

In Sports on March 28, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Something is terribly rotten in the Czech soccer/football. And many people including football managers must have lost their brains. Maybe they threw them away along with dirty socks in the locker rooms…

What gives?

The most violent fans of one of two leading Prague soccer teams who are organized in hooligan groups announced their intention to destroy the stadium on which their match is to be played next Monday. Some of them even said they will destroy the fences and get onto the field. Not just single individuals. Herds.

The thing is that it is their team’s home stadium and it is their last match with that particular “opponent” since they are soon moving into a new arena. So the fans want to “say goodbye” this way.

This is a huge tragedy waiting to happen and the managements of the two teams only talk shit about how they communicate with the nice and polite fans and how there is nothing they can do about the violent ones – to change them…

They know for sure in advance that there will be hundreds of people whose only goal in visiting the match is to fight and destroy.

How about cancelling the match altogether? No. If the riot starts the play is going to be suspended and the police shall clear out the problematic sector of the bleachers.

How about playing in front of empty bleachers? No. Money is the answer.

But if the police do not start shooting the most violent fans with rubber bullets, nobody should be surprised if and when somebody dies.


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