(Czech) People vs. Paris Hilton

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The reactions of anonymous Czechs to Paris Hilton’s visit to Prague during which she tripped and fell during a paparazzi chase are the worst thing I have read in months. Unfortunately it tells a lot about this country and one must be glad that most foreigners do not understand the language… otherwise they would be able to read things like…

Stupid bitch, nobody asked her to come. She can go back home and stay there forever… or Do we want her here? No. If she doesn’t like Prague, we really don’t give a sh-t.

These are the most usable reactions to Paris Hilton’s statement when she said that after what had happened to her she will never come to Prague again. So in other words, if news photographers acted differently she could have taken a normal walk, she could have posed for the cameras in front of Prague Castle or she could have showed them a souvenir.

There are many people who have miserable life but do nothing about it. The only thing they are good at is registering under obscure nicknames so that they could post anonymous comments and attacks underneath news articles. They had no arguments, they just felt good about their chance to have their say about this incident. This is just pathetic and sad…

Whatever we might think about her, about her lifestyle, about her money spending habits or about her sex life, she does deserve an apology for the behavior of news teams she had to face in Prague. Especially since they treated her like a slut who should be grateful for the wild attention because this is the same way she behaves to get the very same attention.

But hey, she does have the right to be out of character. In Prague she was not a self-proclaimed pornstar but a girlfriend of a musician who wants to have a normal weekend… She did not come as a party chick but as a normal human being.

Which I think surprised everybody. The press must have thought she was going to open her blouse to them herself… And when they saw the reality they were unable to adapt…


2 Responses to “(Czech) People vs. Paris Hilton”

  1. This is my opinion exactly. You put into words, what I feel. This whole thing was a mess, thanks to Czechs.

  2. We’ve been watching Paris Hilton’s BFF. Where do they find these people? They’re from another world!

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