Rogge And His Stupid Mistake

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China wants to host the Olympics. China wants to prove that it deserves to host the whole world.

And bang, it jails a dissident whom the court found guilty of what the Chinese news agency said was incitement to subvert state power, who had urged visitors coming to Beijing for the summer Olympics not to forget Chinese human rights abuses amid the pageantry of the games, VOA reports.

That was a few days ago.

Yesterday the torch huffed and puffed and went out. Let’s not mix sports and politics, Jacques Rogges said. Well, screw him, this has been a political decision the whole time. Rogge said the Games might put the country in focus which might in effect speed up the process of a change. Or whatever.


The Chinese television stopped the live televised ceremony from Greece just as intruders and activists ran up and interrupted the ceremony. Why? In a normal country, if something unusual happens, TV cameras and reporters run up and turn their cameras ON. The Chinese government turns cameras OFF. Are they credible? Not at all. The Games will be orchestrated by a REGIME.

This alone can be the perfect reason to boycott any televised event from the Games. Which I think sounds like a good idea to me. Let’s tell Jacques Rogge that he and his people made a colossal mistake…

::UPDATE:: The BeijingOlympics Blog writes, citing some Chinese news sources: More foreign officials have voiced their objection to using the Tibet issue to boycott the Beijing Olympic Games.  The Senegalese people know about the recent riot in Lhasa through the introduction of the Chinese ambassador and programs broadcast by China Central Television (CCTV), said Babakar Diagne, director-general of Senegalese National Broadcasting Bureau. He said the programs clarified the biased report by some Western media and helped the Senegalese people to have a correct understanding about the Tibet issue. Normann Paech, German Left Party’s foreign policy spokesperson, said China has made remarkable achievements in economy and social rights despite some short comings in this regard.

The same misunderstanding, obviously. It ignores the fact that most of the critical voices comment on HOW China handles the problem, not the fact that China HAS the problem in the first place.

2 Responses to “Rogge And His Stupid Mistake”

  1. How can competition of the highest caliber be held in a country that practices ethnic murder of Tibet. This is so wrong. This is not going to work. Can’t those in power see we are all part of the human race. If China is killing off Tibet, why would anyone support a country whose actions have proven too be evil . I feel sorry for the athletes who trained all their lives for this, and its held in place where killing Tibet is their goal. I will not even watch the games or support them in any way. Can’t they find another country that is not so hateful.

  2. Exactly. I think the Olympics should be hosted by countries that DESERVE it, NOT by countries that are deep in shit and the IOC Commitee hopes it would crawl up a bit…

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