San Francisco Nudists: Naked Butts vs. The Torch

In Sports, World on April 9, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

Nudists should be among the activists who are expected to protest against the Olympic Torch run in San Francisco.

If I could, I would join them right away. I think it would a nice kind of symbolism because in Ancient Greece athletes would compete naked. Sure, we have different social standards now and it is customary and NORMAL to wear clothes in public. BUT– it is also normal to be able to say one’s opinion and stay free afterwards. China puts dissidents in jail for that.

Authorities are considering stopping the Torch Run altogether.

::UPDATE:: Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg says that politicians should boycott the opening ceremony! Once again, the country’s leaders proved they are dictators. Opening ceremony is altogether commecial event that we should not promote, the FM said.

My words exactly…

Has anyone in IOC asked themselves the question: What is it going to be like during the games?  Are the Chinese authorities going to prosecute, hunt down, shoot, expell….whatever… visitors from all over the world who come to China with Tibetan flags? Athletes might be forbidden to speak up by their sponsors and national Olympic committees.

But who is going to shut the people up? Who is going to shut the booing crowd up – during the opening ceremony?

Tanks on Tian An Men, perhaps? The Chinese “are good at it”. Where have I seen that before

Go naked butts!!


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