Czech Christian Democrats Oppress Women

In Politics, Religion on April 11, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

Czech Christian Democrats are the worst thing that could happen to the Czech political scene.

Not only they are able to shift from left to right, not only they would go with the major party that offers them more advantages, not only they never say what they really want, not only they never have consistent opinion and their attitude is being described as definitely maybe… they are experts in producing laws that affect everybody but their own voters and “fans”.

They now produced a draft law on abortions. One of the most fucked up draft laws in the history of this country….

It includes a provision according to which abortion would only be possible with written consent of the father.I am not saying “baby’s father” for reasons which I think are obvious… MP Jiri Carbol says that abortion is not the same thing as having your tooth pulled.

Jiri Carbol is a major-league asshole.

The law represents a giant abuse of women’s rights. It ignores several specific situations that contradict what the law suggests. Like one-night-stands, typical college-life mistakes. Or ex-boyfriends who might want to take revenge on their ex-girlfriends but not giving them the signature/consent. How will prostitutes who become pregnant look for their clients? Et cetera et cetera…

How can men tell women what they should do with their bodies? It is the woman’s decision. Religion-driven laws are grave danger for this atheist and common-sense country.

There is a great way to evade this law already. If a women gets pregnant and she thinks her partner would never give his consent (as a form of revenge) she can ask her best friend. And I am positive there will be fake fathers for hire who will offer their services in this regard.


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