Czech Pornstar Kicked Out Of The House By Father

In Life on April 12, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

It is tough to be a young Czech porn star.

I met a couple at a bar last night. It was the typical I know a friend who knows a friend who has a friend blah blah scenario. They joined me and my girl friend for a while (while they were waiting for their own table). Let’s call them Mark and Jane.

Mark is looking for a place to rent. His parents kicked him out of the house because their neighbors tattled on him for shooting bisexual porn. Mark and Jane and another guy of the same age. If you are old enough (20) to do this, you can be old enough to live on your own, the parents told their son whose girlfriend they don’t know because they never met.

Yeah, the couple did it for money. I once researched this issue to find out how many legal business of this kind might exist in this region. And I found out there are three to five porn production companies that specialize in producing movies for foreign distribution companies. It was one of them. They say they guarantee that there is no way Czech audience would be able to view the movie(s) because they are said to be either on pay servers that are not accessible from the Czech Republic, or on DVD’s in U.S. distribution where there are dozens of thousands of titles. A pin in a huge pile of hay.

Mark and Jane decided to believe this.

It was true, but…

They forgot that even some visitors to pay sites might bother downloading the videos or grabbing them illegally and then post them on free servers. And the way from any free porn server to a Czech porn server is very short. They wanted to sue the production company before they realized it would attract more publicity. Such court proceedings are never kept secret in this country.

You should take it easy and forget about it, my female companion told him. The only people who might recognize you are those who bought the DVD and thanks to whom you got paid. Or internet porn fans. Same category of people.

A while later, while Mark excused himself to go to the men’s room, Jane said You are the third couple to tell him that. I think he needs to hear it once a week and he will be okay in a while.

I should admit, I did google the title when I got home out of curiosity. When you see someone you know do that, it makes you wanna think that it is even more NORMAL. 


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