Ministry Wants To Sell Vanity Plates

In Economy, Life on April 16, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

Wow. Big invention. The Czech Ministry of Transportation finally realized that there are letters and numbers on license plates and that you can combine the letters and numbers so that they form words and other forms of messages. And that it is stupid to just issue ordinary plates like 2M2 1258, when the state could make money on drivers who want a plate that reads, say, 2M2 JOHN. Yep, only the last four digits will be given out to drivers to express themselves.

Doesn’t seem enough to me, but there has to be at least one letter that would identify the region the driver is from. The ministry decided to leave the first three [digit-number-digit]. The vanity plate should cost about 15,000 CZK (close to $1,000). Too bad the Czech language does not have many words that can be abbreviated like some English words, like IH8U.


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