New Zealander Who Kidnapped Czech Daughter Might Get Custody

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At the end of March New Zealander Rodney William Cowie kidnapped his daughter from the Czech Republic. A few days later they arrived in Australia.

His Czech ex-partner and mother of the girl met them a few days ago. Reportedly the girl told her mother the she wished to die.

A court in Sydney ruled that the girl should stay with her mother for some time until the final verdict on the custody is announced. So it might be Cowie after all???

Are the judges insane? What is to decide. Cowie kidnapped the girl from her home country, he most definitely violated several Australian laws and it has been more than obvious that the girl’s arrival in the country was, well, unusual. And they still don’t know who should get the custody of a girl WHO HAD LIVED IN HER COUNTRY prior to her arrival in Australia????


4 Responses to “New Zealander Who Kidnapped Czech Daughter Might Get Custody”

  1. His Czech ex-partner and mother of the girl met them a few days ago. Reportedly the girl told her mother the she wished to die.

  2. interesting how those who wright these articals dont get it correct.
    there is now orders in place for the mother and father to have time with the child whilst the court waits to hear the 2 sides on the 21st of next month.

    secondly and more importantly is the statment of “her country” the cz is and was not her country even though born there by default of visas the usual residence for the child for the predominant time thus far in her life was AU.

    thirdly this statment that the child alledgiledy told the mother…….well i have reguarlly seen this child with her father and the firsr time that i heard this was after 3 concetituve days with the mother on tuseday evening gon.

    the child stated that the fish that she had in CZ have now died as a result of her not being there to feed them.
    Even though she had previously been told by her mother that charlie the dog had also died the same way about a week earlyer she hapyley stated that she saw charlie dog on skype with gran with the mother in the past few days.

    i still have not seen any of my info posted why i ask is your editorial staff not interested in the facts well thats fine theres plenty of pappers who are by 4 now

  3. Rod loves his daughter, he is not a criminal. He is just unfortunate that his ex-partner lives in the Czech Republic and was granted custody. The situation doesn’t allow for adequate parental access, not from Rod’s point of view.

    Charlie has appeared more than happy to be with her father and he with her. He has gone to a few extremes to be with her, but what loving parent wouldn’t do similar in that situation?

    All three individuals are in a very emotional position and they should all be treated with empathy.

    I hope the Judge is fair and caring in the case.

  4. Sure, that makes sense. But let us not forget that at the beginning there was a clear violation of the rules of the mutual custody. Why should a judge believe a father, however desperate he might be, that he is not gonna do that again?

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