News Anchor Lied About His High School Diploma

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TV Nova news anchor Rey Koranteng lied about having a high school diploma, the Blesk tabloid newspaper wrote today. Koranteng admitted not having solved this issue yet and he says it is more complicated: Long time ago when the issue of my graduation and high school diploma was brought up I did not say I had not graduated.

Aha, so in other words: since nobody asked, I did not really lie…

TV Nova news director Martin Ondracek says that it is a problem and that Koranteng might face sanctions. Wheew, I thought, this guy is finally being professional.

But then Ondracek added: On the other hand, you don’t need to have a high school diploma to be a news anchor.

Yep, especially in Czech television stations with the sole exception of public-service Czech Television. TV Nova’s news achors are an interesting mixture: of former newsroom asistant who has never done any real journalism job, like writing articles or doing news stories, former Miss Czech Republic runner-up who previously worked for television lifestyle shows, and former weather anchor.

TV Nova often claims to have the most successful evening news program. But all they do is calculate what percentage of the nation is watching. WHICH IS FUCKING MISLEADING. The success of news reporting is also based on its impact. And I should say that Wolf Blitzer, Peter Arnett, Christiane Amanpour, Peter Jennings, Richard Quest and other personalities are 100,000 times better than the best Czech journalist who is at present working for TV Nova.

If monkeys could read they could be sat in front of Teleprompters. Once again, in TV Nova… 


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