Football Fans Brought Hand Grenades

In Brno, Sports on April 21, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

Some fans of the 1. FC Brno football club have a very strange idea on how to show the team spirit. On the way to the last league match to Prague their buses were searched by the police. Among the items found were homemade hand grenades! Also some baseball bats, axe handles, sticks, or table legs with nails in them.

Of course there was some bleacher violence at the end of which there was blood on the seats. On the way back home from Prague they looted a gas station. And their discussion forum is now full of articles on how the organizer’s security agency had been violent. Of course they “were”. Isn’t it called preemptive strike?

Well, here is a tip. From now on the police should not deal with the violent herd in general, they should just shoot the violent troublemakers in the leg. How come that it is always football? How come it is never handball, or tennis, or floor hockey?


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