Stuff White People Like? Meeting People Who Are Younger Than They Are

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Stuff White Peole Like is probably my most favorite text-based blog of the most recent months. I am surprised, though, that among the things that white people like one thing remains unnoticed by the author of the blog, who, by the way, will have his book published soon.

And that item would be…

…having younger girlfriends.

My best friend used to date and lived with a guy who was 13 years older.

Another good friend of mine used to date and finally married a man who is (I think) 14 years older.

My high school sweetheart used to date [maybe she still does but we haven’t spoken to each other for two years] her colleague who was at that time almost 20 years older, I think.

Which brings us to yours truly…

A few days ago I was on what we might call We-finally-meet-in-person semi-date. I think I haven’t enjoyed myself so good since, I think, 2001. My female companion was [well, she always IS, damn grammar] bright, funny, smart, great to be with. There was not a single topic that we would have to stop at and change the subject because we’d feel that it would not lead anywhere. She is 20. She studies university and she has a very interesting job. She is the person whose opinion I will be really interested in in case there is any head scratcher that I should face in the future.

I love her attitude that can in general be described as “I am young and the world belongs to me because I am very ambitious and I can do whatever I want”. It gets you thinking. And it gets you motivated.

You gotta love it…

NOTE>> I shall update this post later with the names
of noted Czech male personalities who have younger
wives, partners, lovers, etc. Really interesting stuff…


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