News Anchor Slash Liar At Work Today

In Media on April 22, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

TV Nova news anchor Reynolds Koranteng who lied about having graduated from high school was in the chair today for the five o’clock news.

In reaction to the discovery of the scandal, the station’s news director Martin Ondracek said to the Blesk daily that Koranteng might face sanctions.

In professional news business, sanctions means you are pulled off screen. However, in TV Nova news professionalism is measured only by viewer rating. And Koranteng’s news partner is Lucie Borhyova. If you check her out on YouTube, you might get the idea why Koranteng was not punished by on-screen ban. They would have to pull his partner, too which would cause small revolution in the Czech Republic, as the person who delivers the news is more important than the news content for TV Nova viewers.

Oddly enough, on Yahoo! Answers some reader also lied about their (MIT) education and now their question is whether they should leave the job. The reactions are even weirder…


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