Czechs On Holiday. With Czech Celebrities

In Czechs, Travel on April 24, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

This has to be the stupidest tourism-related offer I have seen in years.

Czechs who go on holidays to Croatia with the CKVT travel agency can enjoy the company of Czech actors, stand-up comedians, singers, etc. The noted personalities get their “holiday” more or less for free in exchange for their performance. The travel agency is advertising the performances on its website to attract clients…

I thought it was normal to go on holidays abroad to enjoy everything that is LOCAL and the only thing that this holiday shall have in common with Czech culture is a book in Czech that one reads on the beach.

But NOPE, there obviously are Czech yokels whose idea of cultural experience is visiting an hour-long performance of a Czech actor in a foreign country – and who will buy the stay BECAUSE of it.

It is like going to Aruba BECAUSE you can go to a Barry Manilow concert there…

Pathetic, isn’t it?


3 Responses to “Czechs On Holiday. With Czech Celebrities”

  1. Don’t worry, this happens in South Africa as well.

  2. i like reading your blog, i’m a foreign student in Brno!

    do you have any news on the May 1st march in Brno??? coz a lot of the foreign students said stay indoors on May the 1st!

  3. Mk: I will try to dig out something!!!

    Steve: any change Charlize Theron gets involved? Because I would go there :))

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