It Is Labor Day. So We Don’t Work

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Today is the International Workers’ Day, otherwise known as Labor Day, which is not to be confused with the first Monday in September when Americans celebrate their Labor Day.

If you are familiar with history of the former Eastern Bloc, before 1989 there would be parades on the main boulevards including tanks, Soviet flags [paired with ours], communist leaders, or agriculture machinery on display. Workers from offices, industry firms or the tertiary sector were required to attend and march, even though [like in my city] the line-up process off the looks of the chief communists in the bleachers would take considerably longer than the march itself. The official part of the parade in my home town was about 800 meters long [half a mile].

Luckily we live in a normal world now and “demonstrations” are voluntary. On May 1 there are usually some young communist groups that nobody really gives a shit about, or anarchists, or other quasi-political groups who only want some media attention so they gather on a square, for example, where Stalin’s statue once was, there will be pathetic speeches, some flag waving and then they will go home… or to their dungeon where they will once again discuss what they shall do with capitalism. According to media reports around 30 gatherings are reported to take place in Prague. These gatherings are not just demonstrations, but also “celebrations” where some labor unions might meet and eat hot-dogs (figuratively speaking, this time).

It is a national holiday today. I am thinking: wellness center, boat trip, and a kiss under a cherry tree. There is a Czech tradition that you should kiss your girlfriend under a cherry tree on May 1…


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