Old Communists Will Have To Die Out

In Politics on May 2, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

People who enjoyed living under the communist regime met in Prague yesterday to celebrate the International Workers’ Day. They sang The Internationale and they discussed the good old times. These old geezers always make me really angry. All they can do is compare price tags, like “A loaf of bread cost 6 crowns, now its 25” and they totally ignored the fact that communism controlled people’s lives, the “party” enjoyed its censorship rights etc.

In 1989 these people were middle-aged with lousy jobs who liked to have their peace and quiet, their 8.5 hours at work and goodbye, nobody cared about the well-being of their company, and any extra activity was “punished” because they had the same money no matter how hard they tried. After 1989 people actually had to earn their salaries.

They think they were doing better because the state took care of everything. They did not have anything but it did not bother them. With 1989 coming they could use their potential, they had OPTIONS, but they decided not to use them much.

I certainly hope these communist voters who remember the pre-1989 times die as soon as possible. As soon as this generation is gone, it is going to be a normal country again…


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