Brno Tourism Tips: The Brno Dam and the Veveri Castle

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When staying in Brno for several days, it pays off to rent a bike and make bike trips around the Brno Dam. There are comfortable bike paths that lead not only to the Veveri Castle [here is my photo gallery], but also to nearby villages that might give the foreigners a hint on how some Czechs live. 🙂

The Brno Dam is a cool place to relax, but it is not that cool when it comes to swimming. After several hot days the cyanobacteria that is found in the muds and sands makes the water green and unusable for most people.  But still, some people to take a dip and they take shower immediately afterwards to minimize the risk. Plus, there is a huge nude beach there that gets crowded no matter how green the water is.

The Veveri Castle used to be one of the most devastated castles in the country and it has been undergoing major renovations now. It is one of the largest castles in Moravia and it was probably built at the end of 12th century for local aristocracy that used to hunt in the nearby woods. Now it offers tourists various events, like medieval re-enactments. There is a boat line that is a part of the Brno public transportation authority system. You can buy a combined ticket that is good for both the boat ride and for entering the castle…

4 Responses to “Brno Tourism Tips: The Brno Dam and the Veveri Castle”

  1. hey, just wondering if you know where you can rent bicycles in Brno?? thank you

  2. It just so happens that the SANTON hotel that you can find right next to the Brno Dam offers bike rent. Click on It is a wellness center and the fee is 50 (a little under 2 euros) per hour. The price list is here

  3. Last year I went to Brno. Really it was my dream tour in my life. In this city you will find interesting Art Nouveau houses, Gothic and Baroque churches, great ice creams, cheap operas and all Summer long techno raves. But what you will appreciate more is the possibility to see a Czech city without the hordes of tourists. If you like the crowds, go to Prague; but if you want to know how Czechs live, go to Brno.

  4. also bike rental in Brno –

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