The Czech Daily Word Exclusive: Judge Is A Cunt, A Sign Says

In Law on May 10, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

The beachfront along the shores of the Brno Dam is a favorite spot for sun lovers. The grass beaches are well-kept and maintained. In summer they are usually crowded even during days on which swimming is not recommended due to the bad water quality [high cyanobacteria content].

A huge sign on one of the benches says [translated]: Ales Dufek, J.D. Is A Cunt. Ales Dufek is the Deputy Presiding Judge of the Brno Municipal Criminal Court. And so, saying this about a judge is a criminal offense. The sign has been spray painted there for weeks, at least, and I am surprised none of the municipal police patrols that pass by once in a while have never noticed it…

Dufek must have sent dozens of people to jail, so I am guessing some pissed-off relative must have done that. I am thinking about filing a criminal complaint in re of an unknown suspect. Because I think somebody should….


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