The Oldest Pharmacy Is Almost History

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The Red Crayfish is the oldest pharmacy in Central Europe. It can be found in downtown Brno – but now it is closed and the historical grisaille glass ornaments that were fitted in the window frames are now gone. The pharmacy is also known for its historical apothecary furniture that tourists liked to check out and take pictures of. They can’t now…

The pharmacy is located in a building that was subject to strange deals between the Municipality of the City of Brno and a certain businessman. In other words: the city wanted a certain building and the guy said okay, but I want other buildings in exchange, so he got this one. He immediately sold it. The new owner says he does want the pharmacy to stay but there will be new owners and new conditions under which they will operate it. We can say he made them leave because he had raised the rent from CZK 60,000 to CZK 200,000.

Kind of reminds me the plot of Two Weeks’ Notice with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. He is a businessman who wants to tear down the old docks [or similar building] to build a new glass-and-steel fun park while she fights for the genius loci of that particular part of Staten Island… 


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  1. […] “through the protected landscape area up to Litovel.” The Czech Daily Word writes about the oldest pharmacy in Central Europe; the Brno Dam and the Veveri Castle; and the panelaky buildings that many Czechs […]

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