Good News: Communists Are Dying Out

In Politics on May 14, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

Every day sixteen (16) registered members of the Czech communist party die, the party’s internal caucus says

Is that good news of the year or what?

According to the news server article, the average age of a KSCM member is 70, in Prague it is even 75. Sixty-seven percent of members are pensioners. More than 50 percent of members only have elementary school education.

Typical. Czech communist party offers primitive social solutions to [mostly] primitive people whose only ability is to complain, rather than doing something about their own fate. They think the state should care about them, they think that the state shall provide for their well-being. And most importantly, they think that people who earn a lot of money [no matter that they work 13 hours a day] should show some solidarity with those who don’t. And that they should pay much higher taxes. MUCH higher…. — I am SURE glad these people are dying. Once all of them will have died, this country can start being a normal country with minimum ties to its communist past…


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