I Am Going To Australia, She Said Under A Cherry Tree

In Economy on May 16, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

Three girls I know will pack their 30-kilo trolleys and fly to the Land Down Under in July. One girl I barely know, one I am good friends with and one whom I kissed under a cherry tree on May 1 because it is a tradition.

Two of them are coming back, but they don’t know when, and the third one is in the process of getting rid of her property because she can really take only 30 kilograms of stuff. And of course, stuff is not to include things she can easily purchase as soon as she gets the first paycheck.

She has a very sexy tattoo [no, not there] but I am guessing she is going to need another one: the words LOOK RIGHT on her forearms. Both of them. She is a lousy driver and she is a very lousy pedestrian.

I don’t have the official statistics but the numbers of Czechs who decide to change their lives by going to Australia and New Zealand are increasing every year…


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