Dog Without A Leash? A 50K Fine

In Law on May 22, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

Dogs running free in publicmight get expensive quite soon, if a draft Animal Protection Act is passed in the Czech Parliament. A dog owner who lets his or her dog run around without a leash will pay even CZK 50,000 (more than USD 3,000).

Sounds good? It sure does because dog attacks are very frequent in the Czech Republic. But the reason why this draft law was brought to life is not to protect people, but to protect the dogs!!! According to the MP’s who have submitted the draft law a dog who gets away and lost suffers and the law that is to leash dogs wil therefore protect them from suffering and abuse…

Dog owners object, though: A dog that can not run free and “meet” other dogs can not socialize. A dog that is not socialized can later react inappropriately – and attack other dogs and people, one of them told the Blesk daily…

I live in the very downtown Brno and last Thursday there was a dog shit right in front of the gate that leads to my house. It took me several minutes to clean it from my shoes. So any fines for dog owners are good…

2 Responses to “Dog Without A Leash? A 50K Fine”

  1. are you so stupid to not realize that a dog off a leash and an owner who doesn’t clean up after their dog are two different things – if you think 50k fine is reasonable, there is little hope for this tiny republic…

  2. First of all, I can’t say I am happy about insults in comments, one can argue without using the word “stupid”. Secondly, I think I made myself quite clear: safety of people in public places is more important than “freedom of dogs”. Of course no law is going to prohibit dogs running free in forests and meadows on the outskirts of a city but when it comes to the city limits where many people live and walk and do other stuff, a dog must be under control at ALL TIMES. You can have a twenty feet long leash if you want, but you must be able to stop your dog before it bites anyone… So if that makes me stupid, then I am probably stupid.

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